Criminal Law

Criminal Law.

If you are facing criminal charges, you have a lot on the line. Howick Law recognizes the seriousness of your situation, and has the experience and knowledge to help you keep your record clean and avoid jail.

Brandon Howick, the founder of Howick Law, handles all types of state and federal criminal defense cases and is fiercely committed to his clients. He provides vigorous, effective representation to clients throughout New York City. Whatever charges you may be facing, you can rely on Howick Law to fight for you.

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Drunk Driving/DWI.

While many people charged with DUI know that it is serious, many fail to fight the charge aggressively. Do not assume that because the police have a BAC reading or other similar evidence that there is no defense available. Howick Law has the expertise to create successful strategies for your defense.

Drug Offenses.

From possession to trafficking and distribution, a skilled and determined lawyer can be the key factor between you and jail time or the forfeiture of property you cannot afford to lose. Howick Law will fight to prevent, reduce or dismiss your charges.

Violent Crimes.

Violent crime charges such as assault can often come from simple misunderstandings, misidentifications and momentary lapses of judgment. We understand this, but police on the streets and juries in the courtroom often have trouble sorting out what really happened. Howick Law will thoroughly investigate your situation to ensure you receive the zealous defense you need.

Property Crimes.

Property crimes such theft, arson and trespassing are taken very seriously by the courts and the community. Howick Law's experienced counsel will fiercely protect your legal rights.